Freight And Transportation Exchange, Inc. (FATE)

The Freight And Transportation Exchange is a great way to help warehousing companies manage some day to day activities. This is easily done by posting a "Service requirement" or an "Asset offer".

Service Requirement: A service requirement could be used to let others know about cargo you may need shipped into or out of your warehouse facility(s).

Service Requirement Example: A company warehousing cargo at your facility starts a new distribution trade lane. They ask for help locating truck and rail service to move product on this new lane. Post a "Service Requirement" to see what options are available for truck and rail. Let the service requirement stay on the system so you will have a constant benchmark of what the market has to offer.

The Freight and Transportation Exchange can generate new business opportunities for your existing business.

Asset Offer: Warehouses are assets.  What other assets does your warehouse company have? An "Asset Offer" can be used to get the word out. You never know when a company is looking for what you have and when an efficiency may be attainable. Efficiencies create revenue and reduce cost. This is a win, win for everyone.

Asset Offer Example:  Post an "Asset Offer" to inform others about your available assets. Your warehouse company may have a trucking arm that delivers to another area and has space available in a trailer coming and going with the ability to make multiple stops. One asset post could be about your warehouse facility and another could be about the available trucking capacity.

The Freight And Transportation Exchange runs an internal report daily. The sales team uses this report to direct the sales effort to bring in new subscribers who may support the needs of the post.