Freight And Transportation Exchange, Inc. (FATE)

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Freight trucking companies and national trucking companies are versed in the use of internet based freight load boards to match cargo to ship.

The best trucking companies will use the Freight And Transportation Exchange, Inc. as a way to approach new markets. 
Why you need the Freight and Transportation Exchange, Inc.
  • 24/7 promotion of your company to new targeted markets
  • Connect with marine, rail, manufacturing and warehousing companies
  • Constantly work to reduce empty ton miles
  • The ability to in house support multimodal projects. The customer enjoys the benefit of multimodal transportation support from one trusted source, YOU
  • National trucking companies can post availability for pick ups or drops along a national route
  • Container shipping is being promoted as a multimodal service to include inland marine transportation on the U.S. Marine Highway System.  Trucking is often needed for the first and last miles.
  • Don't let your competitor have this advantage over you.

Bottom line improvement for 2013 by the Freight And Transportation Exchange, Inc.
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