Freight And Transportation Exchange, Inc. (FATE)

Has anyone ever seen a railroad load board? There probably is one but the Freight And Transportation Exchange team searched and cannot seem to find one.  We know there are companies out there who can use this service and we are focused on providing it.

The Freight And Transportation Exchange will run it's daily internal postings report and as our subscribers submit post that relate to rail our sales team will start making the calls to recruit companies who can service the subscribers needs.

So come on, if you are a railroad service provider join the network and open the door for more shippers to get access to your services.  If you are someone who owns assets related to railroad, let us know what they are and how you can help others in the network by providing assets to support their needs. If you are a company that needs railroad service or assets let the Freight And Transportation Exchange help you find the service or asset providers you need.

Use the "free trial" button and give yourself 30 days free to spread the word. If you get good results then become a subscriber so we can continue to help one another with the logistics of the freight and transportation industry.

The Freight And Transportation Exchange has value for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

The executive benefits from the increase in sales and or cost reduction resulting in a better bottom line. The sales manager benefits from giving the sales team a tool they can use to get the word out to a targeted market of new potential clients. The operations manager benefits from giving the operation team a tool they can use to publish there service requirements on a daily bases. The people working to sale and perform the operations task daily will benefit from the use of a tool that allows them to post "Asset offers" for sales and "Service Requirements" for operations.

The post can be done as the need develops. The post can be left in the system to generate results for 30,60 or 90 days. When a match is found the website will send an email to the subscriber.

Give us a try, we support the railroad,manufacturing,warehousing, trucking and marine industries. These industries need a way to connect with each other for new opportunities. The Freight And Transportation Exchange is the way. Try us now, you will be glad you did.