Freight And Transportation Exchange, Inc. (FATE)

About FATE
FATE all-in-one connecting website can help 11 million companies worldwide attract leads and service providers.

A pioneer in connecting multiple sector companies in the freight and transportation industry, FATE aims to help its customers connect in a way people actually love.
Freight And Transportation Exchange, Inc. (FATE) was incorporated on May 16, 2011, after two years of research and development by the founders. FATE's purpose is to provide a web-based information exchange for all non-air modes of the global freight and transportation industry. Freight shippers will increase efficiencies by reducing time spent locating the optimal transportation providers, and transportation providers will increase efficiencies by reducing time spent locating the optimal freight offers. Freight forwarders, brokers and other freight and transportation related companies will use it for both reasons.

Number of potential corporate users:
U.S. companies - 2 million, not including freight forwarders and brokers
Global companies - 11 million, not including freight forwarders and brokers
(Source: Hoover's Database)
The objective is to provide a private, professional, internet based network, using information technology to connect people in the freight and transportation industry. The network will constantly grow as a result of targeted efforts by FATE's sales team and referral program designed to reward subscribers for each new member recruited. As the network increases in size, the volume of referrals will increase, generating perpetual growth. Network growth provides more choices for subscribers to connect with efficient service providers and service providers more opportunities to increase sales. Both can benchmark easily.
The mission is to become the most effective, simple to use, multimodal, logistic matching service in the world by connecting businesses having freight to ship with transportation professionals that match their needs. The business model is "applying networking and technology to freight and transportation markets for optimal results."

The business philosophy for Freight and Transportation Exchange is as follows:
  1. Consistently analyze subscriber needs through the use of surveys and blog posts.
  2. Develop new website features in the future based on subscriber feedback (you are paying for it so tell us what you need).
  3. Treat all stakeholders fairly.
  4. Foster the highest level of ethics (never spam a prospect and always offer the ability to unsubscribe).
  5. Enforce strict privacy protection.
FATE recognizes that the transportation business model is quickly evolving into an information technology and professional business networking process especially as new generations of people increasingly enter the workforce.

Does anyone want to work harder or longer to get the job done when FATE can be the solution to.
  • Save money
  • Reduce stress
  • Benchmark continuously
  • Free up time for creativity to increase sales
  • Contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing empty miles
In an era of onā€time delivery, information is expected as soon as a request is submitted. The web-based network offers a pleasant experience by providing information needed. in a timely, simplistic and valuable form.