Freight And Transportation Exchange, Inc. (FATE)

Marine transportation is most likely one of the best beneficiaries from using the Freight And Transportation Exchange website. We know, we have 30 plus years experience in this industry.

The team at F.A.T.E. searched and could not find any load boards for the marine transportation industry. Cost increases in fuel and infrastructure are causing marine transportation to be considered for more intermodal transportation options.The difficulty is that marine transportation companies just do not get the attention of truck and rail.

Marine transportation has many facets that can be explored. With a tool like the Freight And Transportation Exchange to help connect the shipper with marine, rail and truck the possibilities now have a way to develop. Other businesses can benefit from marine as an intermodal carrier are inland and ocean ports. Stevedores companies that load and unload from marine transportation to truck, rail and warehouse storage will benefit as well.

So come on marine transportation service providers and asset owners. Register for the 30 day "Free Trial", start making post.  Post "Service Requirements" to fill needs whether it is towing required from another marine transportation company or a project that requires marine transportation with rail and truck on both ends. Find back haul freight for empty assets. The opportunities are endless for ocean marine transportation and inland marine transportation companies. 

Executives and managers give this tool to your operations and sales people they will appreciate your offer. If you are in sales or operations and you learn about the Freight And Transportation Exchange let your managers and executives know about it. This might be the path to your next promotion. The Freight And Transportation Exchange will pay for itself by increase your companies bottom line.