Freight And Transportation Exchange, Inc. (FATE)

Executives, managers and operations personnel will find the Freight And Transportation Exchange website to be a powerful must have tool for their organization.

Benefits of using the Freight And Transportation Exchange
  • Supports manufacturing, trucking, rail, marine and warehousing logistics businesses
  • Uses information technology to reach a large audience of potential clients and vendors
  • Is a low cost tool that creates a positive effect on the bottom line
  • Employees will appreciate managers introducing this easy to use, helpful tool
  • Operations personnel can publish service requirements and let the system work for them while they continue to do their other daily task
  • Sales teams can place asset offers and let the system work for them while they do their normal daily task
  • Benchmarks constantly
  • The Freight And Transportation Exchanges sales team works daily to build your network
Use the "Free Trial" button and test drive the Freight And Transportation Exchange now. You will be glad you did.

Post a "Service Requirement" to let others know what your needs are or post an "Asset Offer" to let others know where you have assets available to support their needs.

Reducing empty miles is one of our goals at the Freight And Transportation Exchange. Use it to reduce your empty miles while helping the environment, reduce the country's infrastructure wear and increase your bottom line.