In the event of a disaster (a snowstorm, a power outage at the corporate offices etc.), this web site will be updated with information specific to that disaster as soon as it becomes available. In addition, the following resources are other ways you can obtain important disaster-related information.

* In Oak Brook, emergency information is communicated through your building’s intercom system, your area floor captain, your supervisor, your department manager or your department’s business continuity crisis management team leader. Messages may also be sent to your Ace email or your Ace voicemail, and may be posted on Ace Online.

* If you are off-campus, you can check your Ace email, your Ace voicemail, access Ace Online or call your supervisor. Additionally, emergency information is available to Ace employees on our 24-hour emergency line: 877-891-1ACE. This is a toll-free recorded-information line and is not intended for you to use for reporting information.

If need be, Loss Prevention can be reached anytime at 630-990-6666.

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