Freight And Transportation Exchange, Inc. (FATE)

Think of FATE, Inc. as your eharmony for freight
and transportation.

FATE's All-In-One, Multi-Modal, Connecting Website is the only tool you need to find freight to transport or transportation for your freight.

The website is designed to connect manufacturing, warehousing, trucking, rail and maritime companies
Get Found
Helps vendors and prospects find you inside the network
Find Others
Helps you find vendors and prospects inside
the network
Multiple offers help determine efficiencies and market conditions
Auto Pilot
Let the website work
for you
Be Green
Reduce empty miles
No Commissions
$1.64 per day, per subscriber
What Freight and Transportation Exchange (FATE) has to offer
FATE's independent sales representatives receive a report daily showing the posted inquiries. These posts point to areas where new subscribers are needed. Sales reps recruit subscribers in these areas efficiently building your network.
The blog is a tool for subscribers and FATE. Share your ideas, ask questions, and get input from others. FATE will use the blog to ask questions and learn what interests the subscribers. The blog discussions will drive the direction of FATE in the future.
Free typically means "free for right now." At FATE, we are upfront about cost. We wish we could offer this for free, but we can't. Our answer is a "referral plan." If you "Tell a Friend", and they subscribe, FATE will discount your next year's subscription. If six friends subscribe, your subscription will be free for as long as they stay. This builds your network and helps your cost at the same time. Win,Win for everyone!!!!!!!
The article section of the website is another tool. FATE will post blog inquiries to learn what information interests the subscribers. Based on the responses, articles pertaining to those subjects will be posted. Send FATE an article to post about your company (first come first served basis).

Our subscribers can open an account with our factoring partner who provides unrivaled service and flexibility..

Check here to view our factoring solution and apply.
At FATE, you can phone-in a post and someone will submit it for you. There is an additional fee of $ per post. This is a way to immediately get your info listed on the network. Try this when you need to post and do not have access.

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